How to checkout LED beads with Aluminum PCB Soldered

Much easier and creative way for new website.

We have many customer asking, where is your 1/3/5W Power LED with the 20mm Star emitter in your new website. As a LED wholesaler more than 10 years, we have many customer constantly shopping us with our own product power LED beads. In a glance view, you may not find the LEDs soldered with aluminium PCB board until you see the following product:

LED Soldering service

PCB + SMT Welding Service

Yes, this becomes a independent product which will suitable for all LED beads. But do I need to add it to cart by finding the product? No, It is not necessary! Let's see how you checkout the 1/3/5W Power LED with very simple steps.

Find the LED beads you need to soldered with PCB.  Simply Click the add to cart button on optional section of the LED when you add to cart as the following images. Make sure you select the right size PCB and right type(For example, you need choose the RGB PCB type for RGB LED)

Odoo • Text and Image

Change the LED quantity will change the PCB quantity accordingly

Odoo • Text and Image

What is I need the same LED 50 pcs with PCB soldered and 100 without!

That is very simple!

1. Input quantity 50 and click Add to Cart.  On the popup windows, click the add to cart button for the optional product "PCB+Welding service" and click Proceed to Checkout.

2. Go back to the product again and input 100 to cart and do not add the optional product this time.

Now in cart, you will get 50pcs LED with PCB soldered and 100pcs with LED beads only.