7W Polysilicon Folding Solar Panel+8 Inch Mini Fan

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Solar Panel:

  • Intelligent voltage control, regulated voltage output, consistent with household power supply current.

  • A class solar panel.

  • Technology: each USB port of the charger is built with intelligent IC, which can automatically identify the device current quickly and accelerate the charging process.

  • High energy conversion efficiency: 25W single crystal solar panels can enhance conversion efficiency of up to 17%, which is higher than that of ordinary solar panel charger (≤15%).

  • USB output: provide enough power to charge the device at the same time of the power down.

  • Waterproof cover: the pocket USB and solar panels are covered with a heavy polyester screen. 

  • Portable and lightweight: four folding design and lightweight (308G) make it easy to pack in backpacks.

  • Place a good eyelet, install rings around the panel and multiple mountaineering hooks, so that you can easily connect backpacks, bicycles, tents, etc.

Solar Cooling Fan:

  • The fan runs when it is connected to the solar panel. It can be used separately by connecting the USB port of the computer.

  • When connected to a solar panel, how the fan works depends on the sun. When the sun is strong, the fan runs very fast. When the sun is not strong enough, the fan can work underneath or even do not work.

  • There is no rechargeable battery in the fan. If you need a fan to run at night, you can use powerbank.

  • Assemble exclusive noise reduction motor, motor roller lubricating oil, fan running smoothly and quietly.

  • Pure copper motor: Copper motor running smoothly, low noise, fast heat dissipation, strong noise reduction, long service life.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection: ultra low power, save more electricity, and low carbon environmental protection, no chemical production, energy saving and healthy.

  • Iron net wind shield, tight reinforcing iron mesh net cover.

  • Scope of application: office life, outdoor equipment, pet house and so on.


  • Working voltage: 5.5V

  • Working current: 0-1200mA

  • Power: 7W solar charging powerbank

  • Solar panel expansion size: 550*170*5mm

  • Fan size: 8 inch

  • Solar panel wafers: polysilicon solar panels

  • Output terminal: USB2.0 interface