DC-DC Converter 5.5-28V to 0.6-25V 6A 100W Step Down Module QS-2405CBD-6A

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Brand: QSKJ

Model: QS-2405CBD-6A

Product Description:

It is a 100W Charger/Adapter/Power Supply Module, Input Voltage: DC 5.5~28V (input voltage must be 2V higher than output voltage.), Output Voltage: DC 0.6~25V (Adjustable), Output Current: Rated 6A, Application: DIY Power adapter/Charger, industrial equipments, electronic equipment, Communications Equipment, Power Tools, Car Driving Recorder, Car GPS, Car audio, LCD TV, Advertising screen, LED lights, Fan, intercom and monitor system, etc.


  • Module parameters: non-isolated step-down module (Buck)

  • Rectifier mode: synchronous rectification

  • Input Voltage: DC 5.5~28V (input voltage must be 2V higher than output voltage.)

  • Output Voltage: DC 0.6~25V (Adjustable)

  • Output Current: Rated 6A

  • Output power: 100W (MAX) (example: Output 20V 5A)

  • Conversion Efficiency: up to 97% (the higher the output voltage, the higher the efficiency)

  • Soft-start time: about 500mS

  • Output Ripple: 1% (MAX) 20M bandwidth

  • Operating temperature: industrial grade (-40 °C to +85 °C) ( please install heatsink or low power use if the ambient temperature over 40 °C)

  • Full load temperature rise: 40 ° C

  • Load Regulation: ± 1%

  • Voltage Regulation: ± 2%

  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200u

  • Short circuit protection: sustainable, self-recovery.

  • Input polarity protection: None

Test for Reference:

  • Input 7.00V 1.449A Output 4.917V 1.998A 9.823W Efficiency 96.85%

  • Input 7.00V 3.627A Output 4.887V 4.970A 24.28W Efficiency 95.63%

  • Input 12.00V 1.358A Output 5.097V 2.998A 15.28W Efficiency 93.77%

  • Input 12.00V 2.253A Output 5.079V 4.970A 25.24W Efficiency 93.36%

  • Input 24.00V 2.649A Output 12.02V 4.969A 59.77W Efficiency 94.01%

  • Input 24.00V 2.301A Output 17.83V 2.999A 53.48W Efficiency 96.84%

  • Input 22.00V 4.671A Output 20.06V 4.970A 99.69W Efficiency 97.01%


  • 12V/24V Car Power Supply. connect 12/24V car power, get 0.6-25V voltage output.

  • High Power and Low Voltage. output could be 0.6V, MAX 5A.

  • Quick Charger. for charging 1.2V/2.4V/4.2V/8.4V/12V, output could be 6A.

  • Power Supply for electronic device.